Evian light installation

Image of the bottle created by pure sunlight


A bottle of mineral water is just a plastic reservoir. Unless you have a design input on it or a tremendous product origin. We can imagine how beautiful the source of Evian is situating near Évian­-les-­Bains and kissed by mountain sunlight.

We were asked to create connection between the French Alps and its new bottle.


The new Evian bottle has the purity of the whitest of lights. The image of the Evian bottle is created by pure sunlight, as it gets refracted and directed through an intricate installation of elegant lens and mirrors. The installation constantly moves to keep up with the sun’s movement, making sure that the bottle image is always in the same position on a billboard that also showcases the majestic beauty of the French Alps. As the sunlight dims, powerful projectors take over, so even the few hours of darkness in June the bottle shines on.


Engaging consumers into an interactive game of “sunnybunny” brings some of the characteristic playfulness of Evian back in the game. To get a bottle, one must reflect the sunlight to a specific point on top of the French Alps, where a photo sensible sensor triggers the dispensing of a bottle.


Agency: Geometry Global Moscow
Creative Director: Virgiliu Andone
Senior Art Director: Elena Medvedeva
Copywriter: Yuriy Kabasin
Idea & Visualisation: Elena Medvedeva
3D Modeling: Dmitriy Sokolov