Formula 1 Installation in Sochi

Get into a racing car together with your friends


Formula 1 is a world­known racing where you are just a spectacular. Unless you are racer or a visitor of the F1 Russian Grand­Prix Sochi. We were asked to get people engaged to what F1 stands for: implication, passion and speed racing.


Sochi Autodrom, a two dimensions interactive instillation was invented. It is a basement for the layout of Formula 1 racing car and an outdoor pavilion with an interactive multiplayer game at the same time. Architectural form fits into complex of Olympic venues. Visitors are invited to participate in the racing game. But only team could control the «racing car»: one team clicks on the gas and brake pedals, another one ­ on each side of steering wheel. During the game the visitors must control a virtual car on the Sochi Autodrom track to the finish line.


Agency: Geometry Global Moscow
Creative Director: Virgiliu Andone
Senior Art Director: Elena Medvedeva
Copywriter: Marina Stolpovskaya
Idea & Visualisation: Elena Medvedeva
3D Modeling: Dmitriy Sokolov