Get Well Kit

Smartphone case which works together with an app,
helping you look after your well-being


When you get sick, you start living with hundreds of rainbow­-colour pills and tens of strict doctor prescriptions. This medical mess makes you get worse, not well. Sanofi, a multinational pharmaceutical company, came to us with assignment to overtake this issue.


The Get Well Kit is created uniting the smartphone case to carry out the pills and the mobile app to make your treatment organised. The box-­like case has 7 blocks of different colours. The app has them too. So, they are inlined for an intuitive usage. Also, you can scan the QR code on Sanofi products and get the pills filled in the app. All the rest is the prescription and dose that you set manually. The Get Well Kit is a new­-generation product that allows to take the proper pill in time thanks to the app and have all prescribed pills at your fingertips with the smartphone case.
Get well soon!

Main screen

Medication setup

Day calendar

After meal reminder

Meal length setup

5 minutes before meal reminder

During meal reminder

Medication history

Refill reminder


Agency: Geometry Global Moscow
Senior Art Director: Elena Medvedeva
Product designer: Ilya Petrov
Copywriter: Ilya Starkov
Idea & Design: Elena Medvedeva
3D Modeling: Ilya Petrov
Visualisation: Dmitriy Sokolov, Vitaliy Rynskiy