Tele2 Transparent campaign

Massive ambient without false bottom


Tele2 needs a non-standard way to highlight its primacy being transparent with its tariffs.


We go transparent, literally and visually. The ambient materials in Tele2 stores, shopping malls, Moscow sightseeings or just city objects — all are highlighted with “transparent” messages.

Billboard with cut-out

OOH with cut-out on Tele2 head office

Transparent shopping bag

Stickers for display window

Interactive pack display which changes transparency

Interactive display window which changes transparency

Billboard with acrylight technology

Transparent installation with acrylight technology

Transparent bus stop advertising

Print with optical illusion on the bridge near Gorky Park

Stickers on glass floor in Ostankino Tower, highest viewpoint in Moscow

Print in Afimall in Moscow City

Stickers on the biggest aquarium in Moscow in Aviapark mall

Stickers on the bottom of swimming pool

Pack display designed as emergency box

Stickers on transparent elevator in shopping malls


Agency: JAMI
Senior Art Director: Elena Medvedeva
Copywriter: Anna Loginovskaya
Idea: Elena Medvedeva, Anna Loginovskaya
Visualisation: Elena Medvedeva